Personalized Salesforce Consulting

Custom built Salesforce solutions from a Salesforce Application Architect

Who, Where?

I am a NYC based Salesforce consultant looking to help small to medium sized businesses improve their Sales, Fundraising, Analytics, and overall day-to-day operations with Salesforce as a platform.

Transparency the whole way

I list my methodology and pricing below. I started this practice to provide my clients a better, more consistent implementation.

Not rocket science

Regardless of your technical ability, I'll work to help you understand any new concepts or technologies in the clearest way.

Why use me instead of a large firm?

At a typical firm, a sales representative or account executive does the scoping while someone else does the building. This is because the technical resources must remain billable while sales people work on base + commission. Since the people doing the scoping may not always have the most knowledge about the build, this can cause gaps when it comes to requirement collecting and building down the line.

Since I have a vast technical understanding of the Salesforce platform there will be no lapse in communication between us, I will scope the level of effort with honesty, and I will handle the entirety of the project end to end.

Since you’re working with me and me only, I charge fair pricing for my work. I am not an account executive with a quota to meet and unlike a consulting firm, my overhead is much lower. I am 11x certified with several years experience under my belt and only plan to learn more on the side.

As many Salesforce consulting firms enter the market, they start with smaller businesses but inevitably transition to larger clients as their own company grows. It creates inconsistencies for smaller businesses to find a reliable partner and remain in relationship with them while their former consultant is seeking projects of a much larger size.

Considering I work by myself, I don’t intend to phase clients out and I don’t intend to hire anyone or grow. I’d prefer to continue working with small to medium sized businesses and have indefinite partnerships with the existing ones.

Salesforce often uses a phrase called “Clicks, not code” implying that their platform can be built upon without the need for custom written programming code (or declaratively). Salesforce uses two main programming languages, Apex and Visualforce which both come into play when certain solutions simply cannot be built with clicks only.

The Salesforce ecosystem is made of those who started as Admins and learn to build declaratively and those who start out as Developers and learn the coding portion. As someone with prior programming experience (iOS and Java) and then taking the Admin route followed by the Developer route, I have a well-rounded knowledge of when something requires code or not.

It’s a sales guy’s job to sell, right? Well when sales guys at consulting firms sell too much, it causes the need for too much work to be executed. That either leaves the firm to outsource or to leave the new client on the back-burner until the next consulting resource is available to work on it. This can leave new clients waiting weeks just to get started.

Since I will never take on more work than I can do and will also never outsource, when a client signs I intend to get started as soon as possible.

Salesforce Certified Application Architect
Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer
Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer
Salesforce Certifications

Which Include

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Data Architecture & Management Designer
Salesforce Certified Administrator
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant


Just getting started with Salesforce Sales or Service cloud or need an overhaul on your instance? I’ve implemented dozens of of these projects from mom and pop shops to enterprise sized orgs. I’ll learn what your business does and hear out your needs and turn your Salesforce instance into your work companion that you enjoy using every day.

Relevant certifications include: Administrator, App Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Application Architect, Platform Developer I

I’ve worked with many primarily large sized non-profits get up and running with Salesforce moving over from systems such as Raiser’s Edge or simply using excel sheets to run operations. I’ll ensure that both your fundraising and program sides of the business will be implemented in your Salesforce instance with Non-Profit Success Pack to help.

Relevant Certifications: Non-profit Cloud Consultant, Admin

I’ve migrated millions and millions of rows over from various systems and databases to Salesforce. I work with my clients to ensure that all exports are provided to me properly and I prepare and transform that data to map over into Salesforce’s architecture.

Relevant Certifications: Data Architecture & Management Designer, Sharing and Visibility Designer

Want to integrate Salesforce with another system of yours. Let’s discuss. I’ve integrated it with many different ones including Quickbooks, Box, Gmail, Outlook, Docusign, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Slack, and others. Got one you don’t see here, large changes are it is still possible.

Relevant Certifications: Integration Architecture Designer

Want to generate PDF’s, Excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations, or Word documents populated with dynamic information from Salesforce. I am highly capable and experienced to get that done. Also looking to have those dynamic documents get sent for an e-signature? I may also get that setup for you.

Relevant Certifications: Admin, Sharing and Visibility Designer

Methodology and Process

Step 1 - Introduction Call

Schedule a call with me to understand your business and what exactly you are looking for in regards to Salesforce.

Step 2 - Estimation and Quote

I take the information you gave me and estimate a level of effort it will take me.

Step 3 - Agreement and Signature

The scope of work is signed and work is ready to begin on the project

Step 4 - Discovery

Meet with project stakeholders and turn conversations into technical requirements

Step 5 - Solution and Architect

Turn the technical requirements into a build

Step 6 - Build

Build all components of the proposed solution.

Step 7 - Test and Quality Assure

Both parties will then test the built solution to make sure it is bug free

Step 8 - Deploy

Turn the build into a live solution

Step 9 - Training

Train the client on how to use the system.

I’ll get back in less than a day